My name is Greg Ward and I'm very excited about exploring ways that I can help your congregation build community, grow leadership and live out your mission with energy and joy during your upcoming period of transition. 

I have discovered that the Congregations who are most successful, are the congregations who face transitions well and channel the greatest amount of energy into their next settled ministry. These communities are not afraid of change and, in fact, recognize that change will happen regardless of our discomfort or resistance - the only difference is determining whether the change that comes does so with intentionality and in accordance with a positive vision.  Intentional congregations with vision identify opportunities for organizational and spiritual maturity.  They respond to confusion or ambiguity with curiosity, experience and resources.  They address challenge with flexibility, creativity and resilience.  My role is helping generate leadership who can focus attention on the points of maximum leverage and to do so with understanding, acceptance, appreciation and clarity.  The following are the fundamental areas I can help leaders in your community do this:  
  • Acknowledging grief and healing the discomfort which commonly accompanies times of transition
  • Promoting and celebrating the milestones where challenges were overcome and the true values revealed
  • Identifying a congregational mission which generates excitement and a sense of optimism and purpose
  • Optimizing the congregation’s communication tools and using them to build transparency and trust
  • Recognizing and supporting the ways in which education, pastoral care and small group ministry build strong connections
  • Strengthening ownership of the congregation’s future and building a culture of generous people with a vision
  • Standing on the side of love within and beyond the church to broaden Unitarian Universalist presence
  • Establishing a climate of support and enthusiasm for the successful incoming settled minister
A lifetime as a Unitarian Universalist and nearly twenty years in our professional ministry has given me the opportunity to work with a number of different settings as a member, lay leader and minister.  Some of what I've learned is described in my Ministerial Perspective.  You can also check out my Personal Perspective and Personal Picture Album.

                                                                                                    Working in this area of transition ministry is my calling.  What I bring that helps congregations move into their next                                                                                                        ministry with confidence and power are: 
                • An ability for everyone to understand, accept and appreciate the story of their congregation and their own involvement in it. 
                • Understanding healthy process and using appropriate organizational models and systems of communication to lead with trust
                • Providing new momentum when energy seems trapped in lethargy, stuck in old conflicts or buried in un-clarified purpose. 
                • Strengthening the connection between values, vision and generosity. 
                • Clarifying strong administrational and personnel management. 
                • Passionate, thoughtful, engaging, memorable, humorous and life-changing worship 
                • Clear commitment to education and leadership development. 
This site offers a sample of material that will help you have a sense of how my tone and style of ministry might match the vision and direction you see as the best next step for your congregation.  
                                                                                                  For your convenience, you can access a pdf of my Ministerial Record.  You can also view my Feedback page and                                                                                                   hear what members of my last congregation have said about the leadership I bring.
                                                                                                  If you are interested in continuing the conversation, please check out my references and contact me.