My name is Greg Ward and I love helping congregations navigate toward a compelling vision and a strong future.  You'll see from my resume that I love learning.  I've sought out the kind of training that helps me understand and work effectively in a variety of church systems.  You also may appreciate having quick access to my Ministerial Record.

I know transition can be an anxious time.  But my training in becoming an Accredited Interim Minister (AIM) has taught me it can also be a time of tremendous 
opportunity, excitement and fun.  It's fun overcoming longtime challenges, exploring new perspectives, using new tools and getting creative rather than frustrated.  In each of the churches I've worked I have increased commitment (pledging and leadership), overcome the paralysis of polarized thinking, strengthened communication, clarified roles and responsibilities, optimized governance, and cultivated a joy in doing it collaboratively.  And unlike the horror stories some congregations tell of 'interims', I do it 'with you,' not 'to you.'  Because I work at the speed of trust.

  Some of the things you can expect:
    •   Lots of one on one conversations with leaders and stakeholders about what’s energizing, what’s energy draining, what you dream about being and what commitments will get you there
    •  Naming and honoring triumphs, griefs, milestones, ideals and separating the transient from the permanent around identity and purpose
    •   Bringing individual narratives into a shared story and linking that story with a common vision
    •   Figuring out the kind of church you want, the kind of minister that will help get you there and the kind of future that becomes possible
    •   Learning about the respective needs of the staff, the board, programs, operational teams, members, families and stakeholders in your community and how to work collaboratively in mutually beneficial ways for shared success
    •   Cultivating courage, commitment, generosity, energy, resilience and summoning the potential you’ve always known resides in your community. 
    •   Becoming the congregation to which all the best settled ministers want to be called
Here are some samples of my work:

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I look forward to connecting with you soon.