December, 2000


  1. How long have you been a member or a friend of our Church?

                           9    -     0-2 years

                           10  -     3-5 years

                           11  -     6-8 years

                           8    -     9+ years


  1. What activities or programs are most important to you

      (Listed below are all those receiving 3 or more mentions)


                     26  -     Sunday Services

                     25  -     Religious Education

                     18  -     Social Action

                     11  -     Social Activities

                     11  -     Choir/Music

                     10  -     Adult RE

                     5    -     Leadership


  1. Are you familiar with the building expansion, improvement and accessibility project proposed for our church?


                           Yes                  36 (92%)

                           Somewhat      2     (5%)

                           No                   1     (3%)


  1. Do you believe this building expansion project should be a high priority for our Church at this time?  If not, what do you think deserves attention?  Why? 


                           Yes                                       29  (74%)

                           Yes, but with questions      9    (23%)

                           No                                        1    (3%)


  1. If you were seeking a major gift, defined as a pledge of $5000.00 or more, payable over three years, upon whom in the congregation do you think you would be calling?  Suggest as many names as you would like.  These people may be active members of our congregation or people who were once active, but have moved away. 

    (154 people listed)


  1. If you were capable of giving a major gift, who would you like to ask you for your commitment?


        (38 people listed)



  1. Take a few moments to consider your level of support for these projects.  Please indicate the range in which your gift might be found.  This is not a pledge, it is to help in our planning for an achievable goal.  When you make your actual pledge, you will have up to three years to fulfill your commitment.  This pledge will be in addition to your support of the annual canvass.  It is important for the health of the Church that your annual pledge not be reduced to make your commitment to the capital campaign. 


                                                      1                $30,001  to   $40,000

                                                      1                $20,001  to   $30,000

                                                      3                $15,000  to   $20,000

                                                      2                $10,000  to   $15,000

                                                      2                $7,500   to   $10,000

                                                      4                $5,000   to   $7,500

                                                      3                $3,001   to   $5,000

                                                      5                $1,501   to   $3,000

                                                      3                $1,001   to   $1,500

                                                      0                Up to $1,000

                                                      1                At this time I do not see myself making a monetary pledge to the capital campaign



  1. Is there a particular job you would like to help with during the capital campaign?


                                                      14              Canvasser

                                                      5                Coordinating Events

                                                      3                Publicity

                                                      13              Record Keeping

                                                      6                Telephoning

                                                      5                Developing Campaign Materials

                                                      4                Following Up with People

                                                      15              Addressing and Stuffing Envelopes

                                                      8                Odd Jobs I can do at Home



  1. Do you have any compliments or concerns about our church that you would like to have made known?


Amby’s fantastic music makes a big difference

Money has been mentioned too frequently in some recent services

Two services is an issue – I hope we can get back to one as soon as possible

The intergenerational services are often very inspiring

The choir and music are very important

Amby Holford is very important to our music program

We very much like the intergenerational services

As quickly as possible I want to go back to one service

The music is phenomenal

I sometimes feel that the service flies by the seat of its pants without as much coordination as there should be – e.g. where are the offering baskets, how are we taking up the offering, who is taking it, etc.

Sometimes in the lay-led services, the presenters don’t think about what people will hear from their words – I’d like them to be more thoughtful and knowledgeable about their topics

Having a minister is sure important to me

I appreciate Greg being here – he’s doing a fantastic job

Greg is one heck of a minister

Greg is everything we wanted – charisma, speaking, personally

Let’s ensure that we take care of both Greg and Karen financially

Greg has done a phenomenal job in general, but especially with the intergenerational services

Greg is great with new people

Greg is so conscientious about being the best ever minister that he sometimes overworks and micro-manages.  He needs to learn to be a bit more laid back – we don’t want him to burn himself out

Full time ministry is essential to our growth

Greg has turned around lots of ‘lay-led’ people

Greg is a great minister

Greg is a great asset – an excellent fit

Greg has exceeded our already high expectations

The Search Committee did a great job in finding Greg

I hope that Greg will be happy here – I worry about that

I really like Greg so very much

Greg is doing well – I’d give him an A-

I enjoy hearing Greg preach

Greg is doing a fabulous job

Greg was the real clincher for us in coming here

Greg is charismatic, a great speaker, and he brings us all together

Several years ago we came through the Lauralyn Bellamy situation quite well

Greg has been a huge supporter of more professionalism in our operation

Greg is the greatest

Lots of new members are coming because of Greg – I worry that this is a mixed blessing – they may be religious consumers rather than ones who will give time / energy / money to help us grow.

Greg does a fantastic job

Greg’s sermons are just what sermons should be

Greg and Karen are terrific

I stand in awe of the RE program

I’d like my kids to become more involved with RE

I’d like to see even more activities for children – as we grow hopefully that will be possible

We need more kids so that there can be more variety in what is offered

KAREN LoBRACCO – and her ripple effect

This congregation is about kids

Karen is very dedicated

We have a very good RE program

Karen needs to have a standard relative to volunteers that encourages maximum participation

One of Greg’s key reasons for coming was Karen being the RE Director – she does a great job

I really appreciate the special activities for the kids like children’s choir

I’m disappointed that my teen doesn’t participate in the RE program – think we should be funding a Youth Programs position soon

The RE program is outstanding

We’re very kid friendly

The older kids regularly help the younger ones – it’s great to see

Our kids have gotten a lot out of this place – knowledge and understanding of what community is all about

When we got Karen and started paying her RE blossomed

Lots of people I respect here

It’s important for us to be a full-service / 52 week congregation

This is a very special community

It’s quite amazing how much spiritual growth occurs here

There are many special people who belong to our congregation

We have very generous people on all levels

This is a very supportive group

We have a great group of people here

I hope that over time we’ll be able to attract other than just upper middle class people

There’s not enough emphasis on small groups yet – I hope it will happen in the future

With our growth it’s been tough to get to know all the new people

I’d like to see more day time activities for adults

Everyone’s been very welcoming to us

I sometimes worry that we’ll become too big

There is a homey / family feel to this place – it’s comfortable

We’re such an active congregation –everyone seems to be doing something

I don’t know any people who want for care in this community if they make their needs known

We have done a heck of a lot in the past 7 years

I’m concerned that we might get so big that for the gain of quantity we lose quality

Sometimes comments are made that sound like if you’re not a liberal democrat, you’re either wrong or not welcome here

I’m concerned that we can’t afford all of this

I love the energy and enthusiasm around here

This is such a young congregation

I like the building plans and want to compliment those that have helped make it all happen

This is a great group of people

We have a very diverse and intelligent membership

I am amazed how much our small congregation can get done – lots of dedication

I’m sure glad we found this place

There’s some controversy about the boy scouts right now on our email network – I hope we can reach consensus

I’m very happy here – what’s important is our community

I don’t have any concerns at all

It’s a wonderful feeling we have here as a community – don’t want to lose it as we grow

This is a tremendous congregation

Being new members hasn’t been difficult at all – everyone has been very open to us

We were looking to find people of similar mindsets – we found them here

We’re still looking for a core group more our ages

We’d like more intellectual stimulation

We need a better balance with the age groups – a broader base of members

I hope that more people will visit us when our buildings look more like a church

This is an outgoing bunch of people – friendly

We have a strong ‘can-do’ attitude here

We really like this community

We like the openness of the people here

This is an extended family for us

We have a wonderful cadre of volunteers who make this place go

I wish we had more activities for older people and singles

I’m very proud of this congregation in every way

People here have worked very heard to grow this congregation

This is an extremely loving congregation (warm and accepting)

I’d like us to have a building that we and our kids are really proud of

It will be interesting to see how much money we can raise

I have no concerns, this congregation is great

We’re growing very fast – there are lots of people I don’t know

I’m really proud to be part of this place

We rejected many churches before finding this one

The people here are open-minded and worth spending time with

The social activities have added a lot to our lives here

We sometimes take ourselves too seriously

I hope we’ll find more social events to tie together 1st and 2nd service people

This is a tremendous community

I love the diversity of the people

Coming here allows me to expand my awareness

I wish we’d never outgrown “Old Main”

It’s important for us to have a church-looking building

I really like the intergenerational opportunities that exist here – we encourage interactions between kids and adults

It should be assumed that we are all Democrats

Can we raise all the money we need

We look at everything a lot more holistically

It’s great to be part of this community

This is one of the best collective groups of people I’ve ever met – they’re willing to set aside individual differences to work toward a common goal

This is a very caring group

We are like-minded people

If something needs to be done it gets done

This is a home to me – my extended family

There ‘s too much homogeneity here

We don’t reach out enough to single / older/ younger people

Increase the number of circle suppers or similar small group gatherings so we can get to know each other better

We have some outstanding members, leaders in both the church and community

We’re blessed with the building committee and the architect

John Gnoffo has been such a great gift to us

We always seem to go a bit overboard in our planning – I’m worried that we’re painting ourselves into a corner with the pressure on our annual pledges

Besides the building project we need to create an infrastructure for taking care of our facilities

People are willing to take leadership roles – if they see something that needs to be done they just go and do it

We need to spread our work among more people

The structure of the congregation needs to be one that could survive Greg’s leaving

We need to develop an infrastructure and have administrative staffing – it hasn’t come up as a ground swell yet, but we’re currently tiring out too many people

We need to consolidate our records in an office here in our buildings with someone to manage them

We miss a lot of opportunities with no presence here during the day

Let’s not get caught up in asking for money all of the time

Lots of people here work very hard to make this a community for those who come here

Lots of recent board and committee meetings have been spent dealing with drafting of policies for many things – I worry that we’re losing sight of the big picture of why we’re really here

I want the grounds kept up better – how they look is a message about this place to new people

A few core, dedicated and generous people make it all happen here

We have done better with increasing the number of volunteers in the past two years

Leadership can still do a more effective job of communicating what our volunteer needs are – we need to do this at the time of joining with the message that we need both their money AND time

We need an infrastructure in place for the growth that is to come

It would be nice if we could be more professional in how we run the business end of the church

The amount of volunteer work is impressive – it’s amazing how much is done by just a relatively few people

There has been too much emphasis on getting new members.   Then we take the revenue they give us and increase expenses.  It’s a never ending explosion

I see our transition from a small to a medium sized congregation – I know it’s a tough situation but it’s also exciting and it will make for some changes.  I feel confident that the leadership knows what it has to do to provide for this change

I wish we were more outreach oriented but understand the priorities right now

We don’t have enough social justice work right now but I think we’ll get there

I don’t see us as socially active as we should be – it worries me

We have great social action volunteers

I’m concerned that we’re not taking steops to become a welcoming congregation

A member wants to have the cub scouts pack meet here – It’s created controversy.  I don’t have a problem with the local scout organization – the problem exists with national and I hope we can influence change there.  At the same time we should be supportive locally and not exclude community groups from meeting in our facilities.  What criteria do we use for such decisions?

We need to do more in the way of service to the local, national and international communities – we’re too comfortable in just giving money and not time

I like many of the ways we have approached social justice issues but want it to be a higher profile

I want us to be a Welcoming Congregation but I’ve sensed some obvious and some subtle homophobia here

I want our facilities to be open to anyone who doesn’t openly discriminate against others – therefore would not want the scouts to meet here


  1. Do you have a will?


                     Yes:  41     No:   14


Have you or might you consider including the Church in your estate planning?


0              Yes, I have included UUMAN in my estate planning.

34          Yes, I will consider including UUMAN in my estate planning in the future.

10     No, UUMAN is not part of my estate planning.