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posted Apr 25, 2016, 8:49 PM by Greg Ward   [ updated Apr 10, 2017, 6:28 PM ]

I’m grateful for Greg’s sharing.  Sharing the stories in his sermons and messages of how fear and loss can cloud judgment.  I’m grateful for the powerful reminders to be in the now, appreciate what we have, embrace the love and security of today, since tomorrow may bring loss and life altering events.

I’m grateful for his use of humor and bringing in baseball, science, and human nature.

I think Greg should be given a big dose of credit for stepping into a mess and taking responsibility to unravel the threads of history, pain, financial issues and hope for the future of a beloved community.  He is a stranger, a hired gun who uses a big brain and heart and logic to accomplish miracles.

I depend on this community for social support. Intellectual stimulation and terrific music.

I know it must be hard, being hired to be the voice of reason, the budget slasher the bringer of bad news. The stranger who shines the light on scary monsters in the closet.

I can only comment on what I saw as an occasional visitor. My personal life has occupied a huge amount of my energy the last few years.  So I have not been intimately involved in church workings.  But I deeply appreciate how the pledging campaign has changed.  Since Greg’s influence on our community, I have visited half a dozen congregants homes.  I have promised to share my what I have, and remember to be respectful of others opinions.  He did a good job of managing to keep appropriate distance, not forming obvious emotional attachments (that indicated favoritism to one camp or another) in this temporary assignment. 

Being the new kid all the time is hard.  And Greg brought humor, metal, and grace to the job.  It has been difficult, not getting a settled minister this round. But we have some amazing brains, big hearts and profoundly committed people here.  Luckily some of them are retired and willing to give a huge amount of time to steering / navigating the ship.

I wish him enjoyment, and satisfaction on his next assignment.