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posted May 2, 2016, 6:38 AM by Greg Ward   [ updated Apr 10, 2017, 6:18 PM ]
My overall response is that this has been a excellent two years under your guidance.  Great strides have been make in several areas:
  • including lay people in worship services
  • enhancing the involvement of the laity in all areas of responsibility
  • establishing the program council; it is not yet functioning as it needs to, but the very difficult work of getting it started has been done.  Our challenge will be to keep it going.
  • governance:  finally, board members are starting to realize that we do not have to follow the "experts".  They provide guidance but we need to make our structure/methods fit us--not abide by a rigid set of rules.
  • human resources.  We have had huge problems in that area and not all is solved yet, but you certainly have gotten us started on the path to ethical, legal and thoughtful functioning.
  • from what I could tell, I think you worked much more closely with the board president than I had experienced.  From the point of an observer who did not know all the confidential details, it seemed to be very beneficial
  • making the community minister relationships consistent was great!  I am sure you found that each one had a different covenant.
  • It is because of you and how you have pushed us to face issues that Freestone problems are finally being addressed.  Thank you!
I cannot tell you how much I personally appreciate your governance/program council work.  Some time ago, I tried to show how we needed something along the lines of the council and I also knew that our governance did not need to rigidly follow what Carver and Jannice Moore proposed.  I just didn't know how to help make that change.

As I think you know, most of us really appreciate the imagination and depth of your sermons.  

Many of us wished we knew how we could be of help when you were putting in so many hours especially during the first 6 months to a year of your time with us.

You have done a wonderful job.  My goal as part of the interim committee was to find someone to "kick butt:" and you certainly have.  I never thought we could make such strides toward a more efficiently functioning organization that will result in enhancing  the UUCB community and the spiritual experience of our members, friends, and visitors.

To put it concisely:  Thank You!