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posted May 8, 2016, 6:38 PM by Greg Ward   [ updated Apr 10, 2017, 6:16 PM ]
I have experienced Rev. Greg as a solid interim minister in the past few years. As a preacher, he is bold as well as thoughtful. He can challenge in his sermons but it is always with warmth and simultaneous expression of care for those in the pews.

Rev. Greg is clearly invested and cares about the church as a whole and remembers details about individual members. At the same time, I always get a sense from him that the church is ours, not his. He delegates with confidence, sometimes he may express more confidence in someone's abilities than they may have in themselves. He certainly pushes individuals to be the best they can be, seeing their potential. It is this sense that he trusts me, that he trusts us, that helps us trust ourselves and empowers us to do our own spiritual growing and our own volunteer work and not his. I find that one of his best qualities as a leader.

When he received pushback from the congregation regarding his decisions about including dance in a worship service addressing the church's history of sexual abuse and intimidation, he addressed the pushback directly in a sermon and openly explored and owned his potential blind spots.

I admire Rev. Greg's solidity and I have also seen him be vulnerable and comfortable with expressing his own sorrow and struggles. By doing so, he allows the congregation to acknowledge and address their own struggles, individually and collectively.

Rev. Greg can use his charm when he hopes I will do some volunteer work for the church, but he will not guilt trip anyone into doing work and respects a clear no.

Rev. Greg has a great sense of humor. I have seen the whole congregation visibly relax when he uses humor in his sermons.