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Feedback for Rev. Greg

posted May 1, 2016, 7:34 PM by Greg Ward   [ updated Apr 10, 2017, 6:25 PM ]
As members of the UUCB Ministerial Search Committee for a settled minister, we have deep appreciation for the work Reverend Greg Ward has done with us in his two years of interim ministry. The work he did with us as a congregation made our job as a search committee easier; we were able to present a clear picture of who we are, where we shine, and where we want to grow.
He helped us to see what in our church life was draining our energy as well as what we could be proud of. In providing assistance and guidance to us as a search committee, his boundaries have been impeccable. Careful to never try to influence us in our decisions, he was always there for us in times of disappointment and quandary. Although he told us as a congregation that pastoral care was one thing he couldn’t spend a lot of time on, he provided that care to us in the thick of it.
His support for us as a committee has been empowering. When we did not have a candidate to bring forward to the congregation, he immediately wrote a letter to the congregation that helped the congregation through our disappointment. We believe, with gratitude, that his role in strengthening trust, adaptability, and commitment among our members has been key in enabling us to now move forward into the second round of search with the support of the congregation.

UUCB Ministerial Search Committee
Kay Fairwell, Cynthia Asprodites, Stephanie Ann Blythe, Kathy Guarneri, Susan Lankford, Beth Pollard, Warren Zittel