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posted Apr 18, 2014, 10:55 AM by Greg Ward   [ updated Jul 11, 2016, 9:26 PM ]

I am a member (since 1989) and presently a committee member (Social Justice).
I was devastated when Rev. Nancy left.  I was joyful that she found such an important place for her and Jonathan to continue to raise their family and to both grow professionally.  None of this, of course, was Rev. Greg’s fault.  However, I was not ready to greet him with open arms.  I did not read his introductory piece, which introduced him to us. 
Early on, we had a conversation.  I told him that Rev. Nancy was the best minister I’d ever had, and I didn’t expect I would have the chance to have another one as gifted as she is.  He told me that I would, that there are different gifts, and that I would find another one, as gifted, but in a different way.   I have since thought back about the several minister’s I’ve had (having been a UU since 5th grade, and am now 69 years old) and have realized that each has helped me in my life in various ways.
I have learned much from his sermons.  They are gripping – one can hear a pin drop.  He brings much from within his life journey to help us live our journey.  Have I been changed by his words?  I believe I have.  He tells me that I am a leader, and although I don’t believe him, I am trying to get my feet wet in that direction.  
Although I am a lucky one to have no deaths in our family during his stay with us, those that have, have told me that he was the binding force that held them together during horrible times.  Although he himself has lost a mother during his stay with us, and is presently going through a marriage separation, he has been able to remain caring and loving to us.  He has trusted us enough to keep us informed of these catastrophic life changes, and has been able to retain his humor and joy in serving others.
He stepped up right away to our involvement with V.O.I.C.E. , and has joined us at several rallies, such as  fighting for Marriage Equaliy (DOMA at the Supreme Court, and Valentine’s Day at the Prince William County Court House) and Voting Rights (Moral March in Raleigh N.C.)
I will miss his presence, his warmth, his friendship, his believe in me, his words.  Any congregation who chooses him will be lucky…and if they open their hearts to his  ways, they will be glad they have him.   Namaste.