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Feedback on the Interim Ministry

posted Apr 29, 2016, 5:31 PM by Greg Ward   [ updated Apr 10, 2017, 6:27 PM ]

I appreciated your many intake interviews at the beginning of your ministry with us as you got to know us.

I have worked with you as a member of our Coordinating Team for your first year here, and in both years as the Stewardship Convener.

In both these arenas I have experienced your ability to grasp the current state of our efforts and then engage intensely with us to make a difference in how we see ourselves, and to encourage us to take bold steps when we realize there may be a different path than the one we have been on.

You are effective, thorough, have a multitude of ideas and approaches and are willing to work with us to guide us as we choose to move forward.  Even though some of your suggestions have been uncomfortable (staff reductions and reorganization of jobs, face to face canvassing, squarely facing our relationship to money and giving), we have taken your lead to make many changes.  I believe we are a better, more vibrant and viable community because of your ministry with and to us.

I have found you to be warm, generous in praise, forthright, willing to have your ideas edited, and willing to hear conflicting opinions.  You are very effective in expressing your ideas and I remember your coaching with Jo Maxon and myself when we started our first ‘face to face’ canvass.  I struggled to capture all the ideas and methods you were offering.  But once you had given us a framework, you let us ‘build the barn together,’ so to speak.  We depended and still depend on your point of view when we run into difficult passages with donors. It is obvious to me that you have a lot to offer any UU congregation in fund-raising coaching and approaches.

I have enjoyed your sermons.  Your delivery is excellent, your content engaging and timely, your use of personal anecdotes and sharing effective in getting your message across.  

I appreciated the Transition Team formation and resulting Congregational Conversations that brought the community into dialog and discussion about where we have been, where we are and where we are going.  Our difficulties with the After Pastor process have not totally been resolved, but I think we gained ground. 

I am proud of the Social Justice Council, the revival of the Program Council, the Worship Associates and the Stewardship ‘Connecting’ efforts.  Your training for ‘Connectors’ (aka canvassers) was instrumental to our success, and your nomination of the Congregation in three areas for awards at our District Assembly was a nice way for us to look at ourselves ‘in the mirror’ more favorably.

You are good at your job as an interim, and the next congregation you serve will benefit, as we have.  I wish you success as you continue in this type of ministry.

With much gratitude and appreciation