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Here's What you can expect...

posted Apr 12, 2017, 9:48 AM by Greg Ward

Rev. Greg Ward came to our congregation as interim minister following the unexpected departure of our first interim minister and at a time of congregational anxiety. He stepped into our unknown and highly anxious system with professionalism, clarity, and compassion. Here’s what you can expect from Rev. Greg:

  • High quality worship: Rev. Greg has a gift for writing compelling sermons and crafting an inspiring worship experience. He worked with our lay Worship Associates to develop their skills and the results have been impressive, both for the congregation in the improved quality of worship and for the individual Worship Associates in their experience of leading worship.
  • Attention to covenant: We did not have a covenant, but Rev. Greg assembled a team that led us through the process of developing one. He is also modeling how to practice using it and the difference in how we are with each other in community is palpable!
  • Help with church systems: Rev. Greg has helped us to identify where our church systems need updating to be in line with best practices, with particular focus on the RACI model (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed).
  • Help with conflict resolution: Rev. Greg led us through the very difficult process of asking a member to leave the church. He did this will skill and compassion, making what could have been a highly volatile situation one that empowered church leadership to act in the best interest of the congregation. He also helped the Ministerial Search Committee and other church leaders respond to an inflammatory and persistent breach of covenant by a disgruntled committee
  • Insight for the MSC: Rev. Greg was responsive to the MSC’s requests for input, both about accurately describing our church to others and preparing us for the interview process
  • Pastoral care: Though this was not supposed to be a focus of Rev. Greg’s interim duties, he was able to respond with immediacy and compassion to unexpected pastoral needs (such as the election result and the unexpected death of a congregant).

Is Rev. Greg perfect? Is anyone? When he did misstep, Rev. Greg was very open to direct communication and quick to take responsibility for his actions.

You will not be disappointed by Rev. Greg and the gifts he will bring to your congregation!

Co-chair, Ministerial Search Committee