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Love for Ministry

posted Apr 14, 2017, 5:12 PM by Greg Ward
Greg is enthusiastic and passionate about creating loving and compassionate communities. The best part about  working with Greg is how much you can trust him. He is a calm, measured, non-anxious presence- it can be positively relaxing to listen to him during high-tension meetings because you trust him not to make things worse. He works hard to get an understanding of the system he's moving into and to create reasonable goals.  From there he works with you to achieve those goals. In the manner very effective leaders, Greg will work exactly as hard as the people around him.  He apologizes when he screws up and anticipates that you will do the same.  The expectations are high, but so is the grace and the love that allows for all the human moments. Between his preaching and leadership, his capacity to both teach and learn from the people around him, and his obvious love for ministry and for you, Greg will change the life of your church.

Co-Chair of the Ministerial Search Committee and In-Coming Board Member