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Personal Feedback for Rev. Greg

posted Apr 30, 2016, 12:18 PM by Greg Ward   [ updated Jul 11, 2016, 9:26 PM ]
Our previous co-ministers of 18 years were very dear to me; it was hard to imagine church life without them. And yet in my heart I knew it was time for a change, for them and for us.
Now it is difficult for me to imagine a better interim minister than the Reverend Greg Ward. With his intelligence, humor, perception, and dedication, he has helped to steer us along the next path on our journey. Perhaps his role with us is best described in his own words, which were part of a letter to our congregation following our ministerial search committee for a settled minister announcing we were not bringing a candidate to the congregation:
“My greatest gift is as mechanic—to listen, tinker, test drive for a while, tune up and, finally, turn over a congregation to someone who can drive them where they dream of going.”
His accomplishments here are too many to list. But all along the way, he included us in his work. Prior to Greg, I envisioned an interim minister as a palate cleanser: someone to break set following either a successful or not-so-successful ministry. But Greg has been so much more.
With his help we moved a great deal farther along the road toward healing from ministerial misconduct that happened decades ago but only came to full light within the last few years. By presenting everyone with the facts of the situation and allowing everyone a chance to be heard, we were able to make great progress in healing and understanding each other.
As we move from two ministers to most likely one, Greg has shown us where we as a congregation can step up. There has been renewed energy in worship, social justice, staffing, stewardship, and a program council. He pointed out to us early on that we need to take more responsibility for pastoral care of each other.
One of the most important things to our congregation is powerful worship. Greg consistently presents inspiring sermons that are personal and universal, humorous and serious, socially conscious and inwardly reflective.
Any congregation would be blessed to have him as an interim minister.