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Reflecting on your time with us

posted Apr 24, 2014, 10:05 AM by Greg Ward   [ updated Jul 11, 2016, 9:26 PM ]
Hi Greg,
Excuse my rambling, for this is off-the-cuff. But I wanted to do it while I'm sitting here at my computer.

I appreciated your ability to hone in on exactly what I need when I have talked with you about personal issues. Your understanding of and experience with a wide variety of issues shines through. Most specifically, our conversation this past Sunday about my disability and what I may need help with was insightful. Also, when I have been struggling with George, my ex-husband, and his addictions, you helped me see that I wasn't just letting him detox in my home for him, I was also doing it for me. It seems like such a small thing, but it was very meaningful to me at the time.

Your visit to me in the hospital last June meant a great deal to me. I was pretty foggy, but I remember you were there. My family remembers it, too, and I'm glad they got a chance to see my "church family" working for my benefit. 

I love your funny asides in your announcements, and I've found them appropriate and never in bad taste. For example, when you said D.J. was enjoying his pain medicine. :) You made those announcements during joys and sorrows real for us, and I've appreciated that. 

I do feel like you became part of our church, even though you were reminding us that your stay with us was temporary.
I feel you "took us on and in" and that we were not just a job. I feel you got to know us pretty quickly, a skill that is necessary for the interim job that you do.

And that you do that job well. I think you have definitely found your niche within the UUA.

I am looking forward to having coffee with you upon your return. 

Thanks for soliciting feedback. I hope you find it helpful.