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Rev. Greg

posted May 25, 2014, 6:20 PM by Greg Ward   [ updated Jul 11, 2016, 9:26 PM ]

In Praise of Greg


     I have been a member of Bull Run UU congregation for over 20 years, and after a second marriage encouraged my husband to join.  Surprisingly for my husband, Reverend Greg Ward became the first BRUU minister utilized as a family counselor.  My husband found Greg to be a professional full of authentically good training and experienced in family counseling. 

     I myself found Greg to be totally lacking in phoniness, and I respected any advice he gave me in regards to rites of passage. His preaching was always relevant to contemporary moral concerns and was presented with a wise sense of humor.  He also showed up for the zillions of BRUU functions and fund raisers and seemed to be the diplomat in control.

     Because I have been a member for so long I have seen many ministers come and go, thus learning not to get too attached.   However, I found it impossible not to get attached Reverend Greg.  In comparison to other BRUU ministers I found him totally appropriate.  His ability to be calm and focused (never frantic or hyper) and thoughtfully spiritual thoroughly impressed both my husband and me.  Because it is apparent that he is dedicated to our faith, we will most sincerely miss Reverend Greg and wish he could make BRUU his permanent home.