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Thanks and Feedback

posted Apr 27, 2014, 6:25 PM by Greg Ward   [ updated Jul 11, 2016, 9:26 PM ]
Thanks so much for coming by to be part of our newbie's class at BRUU on Saturday.   I was telling Faye that there were three equally important influences on my choice to continue coming to BRUU and for my decision to commit to financial support of the congregation.  All three are of equal importance in my decision-making process.  Because one is directly related to your ability to capture not only the mind but the heart in your messages from the pulpit, she encouraged me to share them with you.   Remember, ignore the order - these are of equal importance.........
  • The Music program - I am filled with joy nearly every week because of the fabulous music that occurs at the services.   Music has always had a way of reaching down to my very core and moving every part of me: heart, soul, body, mind. 
  • The welcome  that I've received each week by various members:  the two Martha's and one of the Martha's husband, Art, Karin, Irene, Nina, get the picture:-)
  • Your conversations with us from the have a way of sharing your thoughts with us such that it stimulates our minds, touches the depths of our hearts and souls, and puts a smile on our faces.  You are gifted and I look forward to your times with the congregation.   As such I'm saddened at the prospect of your departure, however I recognize that you have a gift that is of great value to the congregations of which you become a part.  Faye raved about the organizational structure that you have brought to BRUU since your arrival.   So I understand the need for you to spend some time in one place to assist with transitional times, and then the need for you to move on to find other folks in need of your many talents and skills.  I only hope that BRUU finds someone who has the ability to reach our hearts as you are able to do:-)
I am hoping to become involved in the congregation - I need to find my place.
I am grateful that you were here when I first arrived at BRUU's doorstep:-)  Thank you for sharing your gifts!!