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The Gift of Feedback

posted Apr 24, 2014, 8:59 PM by Greg Ward   [ updated Jul 11, 2016, 9:26 PM ]

I plan on sharing some brief comments, that I hope will help you prepare to find & serve your next congregation.

It is very hard to follow in the foot steps of a popular minister.  So what do  you do?  For you it is just to be Greg.  And being Greg is a very good thing.

Some people do not deal well with change so they will find fault with the different things that Greg wants to do with the congregation. So the challenge is how to sell to the congregation the benefit of putting up with the different things that Greg wants to do.  By design or by accident you will be plowing some new ground with the congregation.  They can see that as destructive or they can see it as an opportunity to grow.  I an guess you just need to put that on the table.  Of course you need to do that with love and emotional intelligence.  

I guess it will be difficult to figure out how to help each congregation grow during  the time that you are with them, So how do you hold up a mirror to the congregation that helps then see where they are.  And then ask them to work with you do develop a new image of where they want to be.

During this period of time you will help provide good Sunday services.  Because you do give good thought provoking services.

One of the things that I really like is how you share so much about you.  You use your life story / history to help make things real.  You don't just reference what great thinkers have said.  You reference from your life.  That is very powerful and brings things to a very real place.

Another great thing you bring to any congregation is your great ability to provide truly great pastoral care.  I had dinner recently with Vicky &Graydon and they shared about all the help that you provided that family, a number times.

What else?  You are an alpha male that does not take him self too seriously, but you are also a person of strength.  At least that is what you project.  You take pride in your abilities, as you should, but you are not arrogant. 

You have a great deal  to offer a congregation.  Don't undersell yourself.  As always I am sure it will be difficult to find a mutually beneficial relationship between yourself and a new congregation.  I am sure you have a list of attributes that you would prefer in a congregation.  That you are not willing to just settle for a job.

In summation, you have a lot to offer a congregation.  Good luck.  God Bless You on this next chapter that you are getting ready to write & experience.