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Things that were helpful

posted Apr 10, 2017, 1:42 PM by Greg Ward   [ updated Apr 10, 2017, 6:14 PM ]

It was very helpful to have Rev. Greg's guidance as we tried to smooth out our operational processes.  A few systems were really prone to glitches and we have addressed almost all of those.  We also had systems that were working, but not documented at all, and we are now much better positioned to welcome a new minister.


Although an interim minister is not normally as deeply involved in the emotional life of a congregation, our church received multiple serious blows in just the last year.  One of those was the shocking and rather horrific death of a member of our Ministerial Search Committee, someone who also had filled our pulpit many times and was a leader in the larger community.  The way in which Rev. Greg was able to nurture, love, comfort and support our congregation at these difficult times was amazing.  I hope other churches won't need as much of this type of support, but if you do, I know he'll be there for you.  We learned some skills from watching him, too, so we can better help ourselves in future crises.

President of the Board of Trustees

Unitarian Universalist Church of Vancouver (UUCV)