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Personal Perspective

I believe that there is an inherent human need to explore and deepen three primary relationships: personal, communal and existential.  Self examination helps expand our awareness by wrestling with questions of identity, ‘who am I and how am I growing into my ideals?’  The quest to know others, deeply, authentically and intimately, allows us to explore our needs to overcome isolation, reveal our connectedness and understand how we will make sense of our individual trials and triumphs through the sharing of our lives.  And finally, our existential questions – ‘how do I understand my purpose by making a difference in the world?’  Big questions.  Important relationships.


My exploration of these questions led me to see that I need community for support, strength, insight and cooperative influence.  I began understanding Unitarian Universalist congregations as institutions created by people having these same needs: the need for communities based on freedom, to exercise reason, to recognize the importance of diversity, to learn humility, nurture tolerance and establish compassionate solidarity in our interdependent spiritual explorations.  I have embraced what many around me already discovered: we want community because what we are trying to do is difficult.  We want to live principled lives.  We want the company of people committed to keeping us on track, who will test our impulsive convictions, challenge us to become more just, feel a greater sense of unity and compassion in all our relationships.  My decision to follow and continually renew my call to professional ministry reinforces in me the understanding that none of us really ever ‘finds’ this community.  We create it.  And recreate it every day.


What we each create emerges from our passions.  It is not difficult to identify my passions.  I love children: their imagination, creativity, curiosity, authentic presence of emotions and their obvious need to feel safe, flourish in an abiding sense of belonging and know love.  My response has been to help create and support institutions where these gifts flourish, become contagious and inform others.  I have a passion for good communication, for listening to other’s stories and lifting up common stories which touch us all.  I am passionate about learning, growth, cultivating diversity and practicing radical acceptance and hospitality.  Hope, and making hope known for all, is also a passion.  Yet I know this is only possible when our future is tied together with our commitment to justice and our ability to recognize mutual needs and common paths.
My strengths in ministry are many: my creativity, my ability to pay attention to what’s around me, my interest in others and an ability to see multiple perspectives.  I hold a keen interest in drawing out other people’s stories, sharing common and unique experiences and motivating people to risk some of their security for more of their dreams.  I nurture appreciation for spaces of celebration and sorrow.  I love reading and writing, my deep curiosity for others, and the intuitive diplomacy and strong communication skills I've been taught.   I find tremendous joy in sharing the strengths of our movement and sharing an ever growing appreciation for what we have been, are now and can be in the furture.  Planning and organization are key to my inexhaustible curiosity and enthusiasm for appreciating our gifts and using them well.  I have developed a reliable willingness to ask for help, having discovered the importance of stepping back and letting ministry be a shared endeavor.  I am loyal to life outside of my job and practicing an integrity in offering consistent care and attention to the personal as well as the professional relationships which sustain me.    
My limitations are also varied and plentiful: I have but fifty-two years of life to draw from.  I have only had the pleasure of enjoying other people’s children.  I am still figuring out how to give a full 100% of my attention and commitment to balance marriage, career, family, a passion for travel and the daily devotions found within a rich spiritual calling.   I am constantly humbled by the number of reminders of my limited control and my lack of clairvoyance around exactly what will happen next
But I know what saves me.  And that is being reminded of the wisdom of Edward Everett Hale and others:  although I cannot do everything for everyone all the time, I recognize that I have necessary gifts that can be blessings to many people in a wide variety of circumstance, most of the time.  Though I cannot do it all, I cannot fail to do what is possible.  And it is the opportunities I receive in this life to connect in the deepest way for the most important moments with a wide array of people that allow me to understand and appreciate this gift I was given of being born.  I am looking forward to connecting with you and learning how I might help lead your congregation into dynamic and successful shared ministry.