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Call to Worship

Service of Ordination
The Reverend Carol Bodeau
San Mateo, CA
September 26, 2010

Be still for a moment
It’s time to ask ourselves
the questions that have kept civilization awake at night:
What will be required of us to retain our humanness in the 21st century?
What has love asked of us that we’ve been hesitant to give?
If we saw a bodhisattva or a saint on the way home, what would they be doing?
How long, Lord, will we continue to tell ourselves we need to be separate
To be safe?

Our avoidance of these questions have cost us a great deal
kept people from making their quota at work
Twenty seven years in a row
Kept us toiling at a job that never makes our hearts sing
Why do we pour through spreadsheets of numbers?
To hear the song long ago etched into our hearts?
Why do we wait so long to question the fear in our lives?
And settle for such distance between people?
When will we learn to trust our instinct to risk everything for Love?

Some years ago a call was issued
Today a promise is answered
And a new way taken
So, if, today, you notice joy appear
Stand at the platform of your imagination
And, in that split second when the doors open, jump in.
Pause in the company of such dreamers
Put your ear to the wall of your heart
Listen for the truth being whispered there.

Come, let us worship together.